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Eagles Flying Association
Eagles Flying Association
Rules to Ensure Safety at the Flying Site
Thanks in advance for helping to make our club safe and fun.
• When entering the site by vehicle, stop at the yellow maker on the right side of the track and wait to be waved in (if flyers are active).
• Please be aware of wind direction before parking at the site.  If it is a northerly or southerly wind, please avoid parking near the gap in the
   hedge line as this is used for landing approach or landing overrun.
• If working or setting up models (internal combustion or electric) please use the tethers provided in the pits area.
• Once ready to commence flight, taxi out with care to the flight line and stop if other pilots are flying.  Request permission to taxi onto the
   patch.  When ready, request to take off, once permission is given, call “TAKING OFF”.
• Once airborne, please stand in close proximity to other flyer(s) to allow easy communication between pilots.
• If fixed wing models and helicopters are in the air at the same time, please try to avoid each others air space.  If possible wait so not to mix
   aircraft type.
• When intending to land call “LANDING” to ensure that other flyers are aware.
• Once landed please do not go onto the patch until safe to do so and call “ON THE PATCH”.
• When taxiing off the patch, stop at the flight line and cut the engine - DO NOT taxi into the parking area or the pits.
• For more detailed safety guide lines, please refer to the BMFA hand book or speak to a committee member.