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Eagles Flying Association
Eagles Flying Association
Constitution of the Eagles Flying Association
1.   General
(a) The Club shall be known as the Eagles Flying Association (EFA) and will be affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).
(b) The aims and objectives of the EFA are to operate a safe flying site to enjoy flying model aircraft at any time, subject to Air Law in force at the time.
(c) Alteration to this Constitution may only be made at an AGM or an EGM called for that purpose. Members unable to attend may submit or nominate a
proxy. A minimum of 14 days notice will be required for an EGM, with proposals being submitted no less than 14 days prior to that.
(d) An AGM will be held towards the end of each year.
(e) An EGM may be called by the Committee or any 5 Club members in concert.

2.   Committee
(a) The administrative Committee of the Club shall be: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Field Manager and Welfare Officer.
Any 2 posts can be combined where convenient.
(b) Committee members will be subject to election at each AGM. No single post can be held for more than 5 consecutive years.
(c) The Committee shall have the right to accept, reject or expel any member by majority vote.
(d) The Committee may co-opt other Club members as and when required.
(e) The Committee may amend safety and flying rules as necessary, and will review them annually.
(f) The Committee will have discretion over the number of Club members, having regard to site capacity, safety and the administrative process. The
Membership Secretary will hold a waiting list if necessary on a first come first served basis.
(g) Members’ personal information will be held in accordance with data protection Regulations.

3.   Membership
(a) BMFA membership and insurance is mandatory. All members will be expected to comply with the legal requirements for model aircraft flying and to
comply   with Club rules.
(b) It is expected that all members should assist with work at the field or as necessary for the smooth running of the Club.
(c) The Club will arrange BMFA membership on behalf of members as required. If a member arranges BMFA membership independently or as a member of
another club, proof of such will be required.
(d) Honorary or life membership may exceptionally be awarded by the Committee.
(e) Members may invite guest fliers to the site, but they must be BMFA insured and the member must assume total responsibility for the actions and safety of
their guest.
(f) The EFA and the Committee accept no responsibility for any liabilities, damages, costs or expenses arising from any member or their guests’ actions.

4.   Subscriptions
(a) Membership subscriptions proposed for the following year will be submitted to the AGM for approval along with the Treasurer’s report.
(b) Subscriptions are due by 1 January each year. Flying is not permitted unless BMFA membership is in place.
(c) Members who allow their membership to lapse for less than 1 month (normally by 31 January on renewal) will not normally need to re-apply for
membership, or pay the joining fee, but will pay the full yearly fee.
(d) Members who have not renewed in due time as above will be deemed to have left the Club, and renewal will be treated as a new application. If a
waiting list is in place renewal is not guaranteed.
(e) The Committee reserves the right to make a reasonable extra charge during any year to cover any unforeseen expense exceeding Club funds, such
amount to be agreed at an EGM.

5.   Finance
(a) The club will hold a current bank account. Cheques will be signed by two Committee members (normally Treasurer and Chairman).
(b) The Treasurer will maintain the Club accounts and provide a statement of accounts to members for the AGM.
(c) End of year accounts will be checked and endorsed independently by a Club member, who shall not be a Committee member.

6.   Dissolution
(a) In the event of dissolution of the Club, this must be resolved at an AGM or EGM.
(b) Assets at dissolution will be shared out equally to all current members.
(c) Liabilities at dissolution exceeding Club funds will be borne by all current members equally.

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