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Eagles Flying Association
Eagles Flying Association
Welcome to the web site of the Eagles Flying Association (EFA)

The EFA was formed in 1994 with the aim of providing aviation modellers (of all levels) with the facilities to pursue their hobby in a safe and fun environment.

We have an excellent 100 metre diameter grass flying site that is maintained to a high standard by EFA members.  Our site is located near to the village of Maiden Newton, Dorchester in the beautiful county of Dorset.  We are well away from trees and buildings and have NO flying restrictions near the site.

We operate many types of aircraft, Internal Combustion, Electric (including EDF) and Turbine (Jet) powered aircraft.  Some of our members also fly, Drones, Internal Combustion and Electric helicopters.

We welcome new members and invite fellow BMFA members to fly with us as guests.  So come and join in the fun.
May Fly-in - Sat 2 May 2020
Free afternoon tea & bun
Theme (optional) - Mechanical Madness - Empty your junk box and make something fly. Use your imagination or maybe an idea from the International Birdman contest.
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